Deepest Dungeon is an infinite procedurally generated platformer with the emphasis on exploration, inspired by games like Spelunky and the de-make version Delunky.

Explore this endless dungeon, collecting gold, defeating enemies and reaching the lower depths.

Keyboard Controls:
Arrows - move
Down arrow - pickup item
Up arrow - jump
X/ V/ M - use current item (throw/attack/use)
Z/ C/ N - cycle items/ drop item/ pickup item
P - pause

Gamepad Controls:
Left Joystick/ Dpad - move
A - jump
X - attack
Y - cycle items/ drop item/ pickup item
B - pickup item
Start - pause

Thanks To:
Music by David Fesliyan (

** This game is still in early development, but please feel free to submit any bugs or suggest features or ideas **

Note: The game runs a lot smoother in the download compared to the HTML5 version


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the graphics and gamplay all tie together very well. however the controls are too fast and feel uncontrollable. it's to the point where timing jumps properly would only occur from pure luck. There are also no given goals in the game and you have to find them out for yourself, some direction would be nice. overall very cute and fun game though but it has room for improvement!

Fun game, but you should decrease max falling speed and gravity value. the falling speed is too fast that platforming is quite uncomfortable and throwing objects are also too fast.

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gg esta muy bueno la verdad, 10/10 

ademas la banda sonora es increible

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Can't turn off lightning.
Also, the arrow traps are overpowered. You can't dodge them.

And why do all people have to use x and z as action keys? Take a look at the german keyboard layout. X and Y are swapped, which makes x and z as action keys quite uncomfortable.

How can I use bombs? Pressing Z doesn't seem to do anything. Oh, it's C, not Z to switch items.

Good spot! I've just updated the game to fix the lightning bug and also added some alternative keyboard controls.

The traps can be quite hard at first, try trowing something like a bomb or skull in front of them to active it ;)

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Very fun game and enjoy playing it. Minor suggestions would be making the menu controllable with the keyboard so there isn't a need to switch between mouse and keyboard to handle the menu and to play the game. Other small suggestion is the character's speed feels uncomfortably fast (but not by much. like. a pinch.) and also the wall grab seems a little inconsistent. Sometimes they grab the wall and sometimes not. Other than those small suggestions this is a really fun game and I enjoy trying to see how far I can get before I inevitably fall in front of an arrow block and get shot.

Edit: I am now realizing that it is a ledge grab and not a wall grab and as such nevermind on the second half of that suggestion.

Thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you enjoyed playing it. The menu should be controllable with the keyboard already but will take another look to see if there is a bug with it. Thanks for your feedback with the character’s move speed, I have been balancing the character’s movements to make it more controllable in the next update.

fun little game that is well executed. really liked the pico 8 vibe from the music and graphics. kudos!


Thanks for playing the game! I’m glad you enjoyed it. You have some great feedback in your video which I have taken on board and will be incorporating into the next few versions of the game. I am looking into why the executable crashed, it’s a much better experience and runs a lot smoother than the HTML5 version.